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Le Logis

     Seigneurial dwelling - In the Middle Ages between the XI and XV centuries, it was a large building mostly located in the farmyard of a stronghold. It was only used by the Lord and his family as second residence.

The name of La Brossardière - Le Logis has its origins in the family the "Brassards" that lived there in the XV century.

The house was owned by the lordship of Coulogne until the French Revolution.

The main building was built in the XVII century, however it is held up on a building of the XV century that containes the stone stairs of the house and the gallery with the bread oven that gives a rustical flair to the house.

The outbuildings were developed to apartments for receiving guests.

In a hot summer day, just jump in the pool and cool down!!! (14x8m)

Ideal for a pick-nick under the trees, the gardens are open for all our guests!!

The facade of the XVIII century still keeping watch over the Charente River.

Parking spaces are free of charge

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